We take walks in the woods, Plum and me.

Of that, we feel silence and peace. We feel&become quiet.
We do it for joy…the joy of playing, the joy of making pictures.
We listen. We look. Nature gives and we receive.


Plum5 wants you to feel these energies through these images.

Sit down in front of your favorite image and become quiet and silent. Make looking at these pictures something transformative.

Give yourself the freedom to feel and go into your own interpretation – it’s magical, it’s therapeutic, it’s healthy for the soul and it’s relaxing.


Do it for yourself.



Let us surprise you. Let you surprise you.

A whole new world will open up.


Plum & Me






I am still in love with photography.

After 30 somewhat years it still surprises me,

it captivates me,

it surrounds me in new ways –

both looking at them ànd making them.


The plum5-project started with a strong urge

and inner need for creation.

Creation that expresses my feelings

rather than my ‘classic’ approach of taking pictures.

I am used to photograph living moments in the movement of time,

capturing life the way I see it.


But something has changed.

I want to create my own photographs and infuse them with emotions,

connections, information, inspiration,.. whatever

moves through me at that moment.


I guess these images are inspired by everything

I have encountered in my life so far.

And they ‘happen’ when there’s a balance between

my thinking and feeling;

between the outer and the inner.


It’s that change

from something specific into something intuitive.

This process is very powerful – sometimes mystical and magical.

It uses the joy, the colors, my past,

the anger, my sadness, the beauty,

the way things move, my ever present now…..


It involves everything. And at the same time nothing.


The ‘altering’ process through digital editing

can be very hard and long, it can be very uplifting but also daunting;

sometimes it happens fast, sometimes it takes months before I get it right.

But it is worth every effort and moment….. because of the flow of energy it produces,

in and out.  It even feels like electricity sometimes.


This is where the real revelation and liberation happens :

taking pictures during my long walks with the dog

and afterwards starting to alter them digitally so they become a totally new ‘reality’;

one that is very imaginative and very personal to me

and hopefully, for you,

a captivating image with an openess

for your own personal and perceptual interpretation.



plum5 by frédérique debras, december 2017
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